Plaque with Chinoiserie decor


Plaque with Chinoiserie decor


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Ca. 1760

A large blue and white Dutch Delft wall plaque with a decoration in Chinoiserie.
The decoration has various. motives that are copied from the Chinese porcelain from the Kangxi period.

On the left, we see a boy playing on a table with a bird on a rope. The table of Chinese design is placed behind rocks and holds a wonderful vase with flowers with insects around it. Of the flowers, the peony is the most striking and stands for wealth and prosperity, and is considered one of the most beautiful flowers in China. Historically, peonies were grown and enjoyed by Chinese emperors and other important people.

In the middle, we see a Chinese figure and her child who is playing with a flower. This figure is commonly known as Long Elisa.

On the right, we see a house on a rock. A woman is looking out of the window and has a conversation with the lady beneath in the garden.


The plaque is in good condition, but with a consolidated hairline at 2 o’clock running to the middle of the plaque.

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