• Flowers

    The Netherlands
    Circa 1620 - 1640Polychrome flower tiles, with decorations of different flowers.

    12 Available

    Price on request

  • SOLD


    The Netherlands
    Circa 1660 - 1680Blue and white tiles with decorations of ships on the sea

    Matching set of 12, originally belonging together.

  • Manganese Marble tiles
    Manganese Marble tiles

    The Netherlands
    Circa 1900A wonderful large quantity of marble tiles.

    100 + pieces for cutting available.

  • Pomegranate, marigolds and leaves.
    Pomegranate, marigolds and leaves.

    The Netherlands
    Circa 1600 - 1620So-called, polychrome, pompadour tiles, with the decoration of pomegranates, marigolds, and leaves.

    8 Available

  • Flower vases
    Flower vases

    The Netherlands
    Circa 1600 - 1620Polychrome quadrant tiles with the decoration of vases with flowers.

    A matching set of 9 Available
    25+ of different shades available.

  • On reserve

    Animals and hunters
  • Animals

    The Netherlands
    Circa 1625 - 1650Blue and white tiles with the decoration of large animals painted in a cartouche of the so-called Wanli design.

    24+ Available

  • Rotterdam Crown tiles
    Rotterdam Crown tiles

    Ca. 1630 - 1640A beautiful rare set of nine Rotterdam Crowntiles.
    With wonderful decorations of rare subjects: a rider on horseback, elephant, lizard, bear, unicorn, deer and three hunters!Only some plaster filled…

    € 5.400,00
  • Marble tiles
    Marble tiles

    The Netherlands
    Circa 1625 - 1650Very rare 17th century tiles with a decoration that imitates marble.

    12 available

    Price on request

  • People

    The Netherlands
    Ca. 1625 - 1650Blue and white tiles with the decorations of people from daily life and craftsman.

    20+ available

  • Tulips

    The Netherlands
    Circa 1625 - 1650So-called quadrant or Diamond tiles with tulips as main decoration.

    With fleur de lis in the corners.

    20+ available

  • Child plays and craftsmen
    Child plays and craftsmen

    The Netherlands
    Circa 1630 - 1660Blue and white tile with the decorations of child plays and craftsmen.
    Large figures!20+ available

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