• Dutch Soldier
    Dutch Soldier

    The Netherlands
    Circa 1610 - 1630A very rare and fair tile with painting of a Dutch soldier, from a so-called seriers of Spanish soldiers, from the period of the 80 years war between Spain and the Dutch states.


    € 800,00
  • Elephant

    The Netherlands
    Circa 1620 - 1640A full painted tile with decoration of an elephant between two plant. A realistic elephant walking towards us.
    All of this, painted within a Wanli border.

    € 600,00
  • The good shepherd
    The good shepherd

    The Netherlands
    Circa 1720 - 1740An unusually fine painted 'openair' tile with deep shades of blue and a shining glaze, decorated with the story of the lost sheep. Luc 15: 1 t/m 10.

    € 1.200,00
  • Castle in the woods
    Castle in the woods

    Circa 1630 - 1640An extremely rare and unusual tile with a decoration of a castle, in the middle of the woods.
    This ''Cabin in the woods'' decoration I've never seen before on a tile.Painted within a candelabra border.

    € 750,00
  • Carnation

    The Netherlands
    Circa 1600A rare quadrant tile with decoration of carnations.
    Images of flowers are extremely rare to find on quadrant tiles, and rarely come on the market.The glaze is quite dull, due wear of the centuries.

    € 500,00
  • Ship with coloured flags!
    Ship with coloured flags!

    The Netherlands
    1640 - 1680A rare tile with a ship with coloured flags, Both in the top and on the stern the Dutch Flag.

    This tile has been found in the Warmoestraat in Amsterdam, in the famous building: De Keyserinne.

    € 950,00
  • Chinese porcelain tile
    Chinese porcelain tile

    Qing dynasty
    Qianlong Emperor
    Ca. 1760A rare Chinese porcelain export tile for the Dutch or English market.
    With the decoration of three wise men playing the game of Go.

    € 2.000,00
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