Mazereeuw Antiquair is together with Laseur Antiquair located at the Spiegelgracht 19 in Amsterdam
Johan Mazereeuw and Dennis Laseur are a new and young generation of antique dealers with lots of passion and love for this profession.
In our gallery, we offer a varied collection of five centuries of art, from the Golden Age up to and including the Roaring Twenties.
Mazereeuw Antiquair is specialized in Dutch Delftware, Dutch Tiles and Majolica, Glas en Works of Art from the 16th, 17th, and 18th century.

Always be welcome in our gallery, an experience of applied beauty on art. Experience, discover, and be amazed!

We provide worldwide shipping


  • Mermaids, Merman and Sea Creatures
    Mermaids, Merman and Sea Creatures

    The Netherlands
    Circa 1650A rare set of 12 tiles with finely painted scenes of mermaids, merman, sea creatures, and a cupid on a dolphin. All of one firing!

    Although they are all restored, it stays a rare set and a lust…

    € 3.600,00
  • Hare

    The Netherlands
    Circa 1600A nice and thick quadrant tile with the decoration of a hare.
    Fair and robust painting.With the Renaissance palmet ornament as corner decoration.

    € 600,00
  • Merchant Ship
    Merchant Ship

    The Netherlands
    Circa 1650 - 1670A fine blue and with Dutch Delft tile with a decoration of a Merchant ship of the Dutch East-Indian Trading Company VOC.
    Rippling on a calm sea, with finely detailed painting.With…

    € 500,00
  • Dutch Soldier
    Dutch Soldier

    The Netherlands
    Circa 1610 - 1630A very rare and fair tile with painting of a Dutch soldier, from a so-called seriers of Spanish soldiers, from the period of the 80 years war between Spain and the Dutch states.


    € 800,00
  • Butterfly

    The Netherlands
    Circa 1620 - 1640A rare tile with painting of a large butterfly on a branch with leaves and berries.
    Painted within a circle with oxheads as corner decoration.Images like these are very hard to find.

    € 600,00
  • ''kidney'' tiles
    ''kidney'' tiles

    The Netherlands
    Possibly Rotterdam
    1610 - 1620A beautiful, colorful and rare set of four so-called kidney tiles, because the decoration looks like kidneys. However, this is a curled acanthus leaf, an ornament often used in ancient…

    € 1.600,00
  • Plate stand, arm 170mm
    Plate stand, arm 170mm

    Plate stand with 1 arm, fit for plates, but also for tile plaques, books, and paintings.
    The arm can be placed in different positions. Shipping charges apply.

    € 9,50
  • Tile Stands
    Tile Stands

    Stand for display of your tile!Transparent plastic stand with measurements 69x41mm, the stand consisting of two parts, which you slide together.
    Because the support can be placed in different places, is it suited for tiles from…

    € 2,50
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